Kaitlyn Ziegler

Blessed with a boundless imagination and the endless curiosity of youth, Kaitlyn Ziegler is a whimsical Canadian illustrator who aspires to create the kinds of worlds that enraptured her as a child to the delight of children everywhere.

Kaitlyn graduated from Seneca College\\\'s Independent Illustration with honours with an emphasis in Advertising and Children’s Illustration. Kaitlyn received the Independent Illustration award and Best in Show award while attending Seneca College.

In her spare time Kaitlyn enjoys furthering her art education through online classes. She also enjoys biking, hiking, travelling, and indulging in scrumptious sweets.


kaitlynziegler@gmail.com | 647-518-1583

Client List

The Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Children’s Discovery Centre

Source for Sports